SmartHub Helps Manage Energy Use

Cotton Electric has introduced a new tool called SmartHub in our ongoing effort to better serve co-op members. SmartHub is a FREE APP available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets that provides account access and two-way communication with Cotton Electric. Members can manage payments, notify Member Services of account and service issues and check power use all at the touch of a button.

SmartHub also has a My Usage tab that provides access to a variety of historical information about an account. For example, members can compare month-to-month power use or see a year’s worth of kWh use on a bar graph overlaid with high, low and/or average temperatures.

SmartHub can also be accessed through our website here or simply click the SmartHub logo to the right. Please call us at (580) 875-3351 or (800) 522-3520 with any questions you might have.