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Did you get your check?

We sent out capital credit checks on Dec. 27, 2017. Did you get one?

If you did get a capital credit check, please cash or deposit it promptly. The checks are void after March 27, 2018.

If you are an active or inactive member of Cotton Electric and did not get a check, there are two likely reasons:

Your retirement was less than $5. If that is the case, the funds will be added to the next retirement. If the total then is over $5, you will receive a check.

We don’t have a good address for you. Of the 13,500-plus checks sent out, many have been returned as undeliverable.

If your mailing address has changed, let us know. If you move out of our service territory, keep us updated with your new address. You never know when we might have a check for you.

There are many ways to update your information. Call us at 580-875-3351 or 800-522-3520. Send an email to Drop us a line at 226 N. Broadway, Walters, OK  73572.




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